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April 06, 2010

Sharing the Gift of Leadership

Haley Lickstein, an exceptional alumna of the Junior National Young Leaders Conference (JrNYLC), found a unique and inspiring way to share her gift of leadership with others. While studying for her Bat Mitzvah, Haley decided to work on mitzvah projects that relate to important values in her life. After attending JrNYLC, she realized that there were so many other young leaders across the country that shared her interest in government and desire to serve as an effective community leader. After taking some time to reflect on how lucky she is that her parents can afford opportunities for her like JrNYLC, she decided that she could help make a difference for someone less fortunate. In conjunction with Girl Future, a non-profit organization focusing on leadership development for girls, Haley raised enough charitable donations for full tuition, transportation and a spending allowance for another girl with leadership potential interested in attending JrNYLC. Girl Future will then select a deserving scholarship recipient from among the JrNYLC candidates.


Haley wants to be a politician when she grows up and has fostered her love for politics by volunteering for two of Florida’s State Senators’ offices to gain some real political world perspective. She even had the opportunity to meet President Clinton earlier this year! Haley also serves on the board at Girl Future, where their new web site is dedicated to developing self-esteem and emotional maturity for young women. She has officially put her political career in action by running a successful student government campaign at her school where she serves as treasurer.

During her time at JrNYLC, Haley thoroughly enjoyed being surrounded by scholars from all over the country with an interest in politics just like her. One of the most important aspects she took from her experience was to be persistent when trying to make a point. She now feels she has the confidence to become an effective leader in her community, and is so glad to be able to help somebody else share in the experience.

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dera readers, i would like to share my gift with students of the globe as an advocate , activist and also a media practitioner who has worked in the media as a senior presenter of the students phone-in progamme at drikama community radio station(f m b). as young people we need to nurture our potentials to the fuulest and mobilize our productive talents and resources in nation building, as every country rely on the strenth and productive versatility of her youths in championing socio-economy and political advancement.i would like to advoce on be have of students in this gift, in order to revert this unfortunate mishaps hindering their existence of non-discrimination,best interest,participation and life ,survival and development.

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